Stacie Rhault is a graduate of CT K-9 Education Center and has been a dog trainer for fifteen years. Stacie specializes in training dogs with high energy and high drive, a.k.a “the feisty Fido”. She also knows how to build drive in dogs to increase confidence and help them excel in dog sports and protection work. Stacie oversees the Hop River Shepherds breeding program and has been a puppy midwife to over twenty Hop River Shepherds litters. Stacie is Pet CPR-First Aid Certified.  

Stacie has been the Treasurer of the Renaissance Ring Club since 2010. She is an avid competitor/handler in French Ring, Bite Work, Show Ring and Dock Diving. Stacie was the first handler ever to achieve Brevet in French Ring with a Black Russian Terrier named Cody. Stacie and Cody were also the first team ever to achieve a Master title in Dock Diving with a Black Russian Terrier in a single event.



241  Rte 6 Andover, CT 06232