Day Camp:

We now offer a stay for the day program! This allows us to get some training done for you while you're at work. we also hike with your dog, go out on field trips, and they get to play with other dogs under the watchful eye of dog trainers!                                                                            . 


Private Classes:

We love to work with our clients one on one. We find that the private classes are the best for all dogs because we can focus on your individual needs. Hop River Shepherds is known for dealing with aggression of all kinds. we like to see our clients confident with their dogs and we can help you get there. We also offer a resident training program where your dog will stay here with us for 3-4 weeks and work on basic obedience. If your dog already has a good foundation for basic ob we can start off leash work or protection work for you. Just ask!

Protection and K9 Sports:

Please call us if you would like to learn more about our K9 Protection training. These classes focus on obedience and personal protection. We offer training for French Ring, IPO,PSA and more. Our trainers have competed all over the world in French Ring, they can get you going in the right direction for your next trial.  

Learn to Swim:

We offer swimming classes for all breeds and ages. Please contact us for more information regarding swim classes. The pool is open between April and October every year. Our trainers have been invited to compete at National events in dock jumping sports. With the first Black Russian Terrier to compete in the sport jumping almost 23 feet!