241  Rte 6 Andover, CT 06232


Day Camp:

Coming Soon: We will offer day camp for your dog. This is not like doggie daycare. We will train and make sure your dog has plenty of good and suitable play while                                                                                                          your dog spends the day with us. Nore info to follow or contact us. 

Group Obedience Classes: 

We offer group classes for all ages and training levels. To join one of our group classes please contact and schedule a private consultation so we can determine what class your dog will fit into. 

Scent Work:

We also offer group scent classes. We can get you ready to win for your next scent trial. 

Private Classes:

We love to work with our clients one on one. We find that the private classes are the best for all dogs because we can focus on your individual needs. Please call us to schedule your private class at 860-428-1796.

Protection Work:

Please call us if you would like to learn more about our K9 Protection training. These classes focus on obedience and personal protection. 

Learn to Swim:

We offer swimming classes for all breeds and ages. Please contact us for more information regarding swim classes. The pool is open between April and October every year. 

K9 Sports:

We offer training for PSA, French Ring, Schutzhund/IPO and more. Our trainers have competed all over the world in French Ring, they can get you going in the right direction for your next trial. Contact us at 860-428-1796 or visit the Renaissance Ring Club Facebook Page for more information.