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241  Rte 6 Andover, CT 06232

Hop River Shepherds was established in 2007 by Scott Beebe and Stacie Rhault. Hop River Shepherds is located on a 207 acre facility located in rural Andover, CT with the Hop River running through the property.  Hop River Shepherds prides itself on breeding high drive, obedient working dogs for personal protection, police work, and as family pets. Our puppies are exposed to environmental stimuli to desensitize and prepare them to be well adjusted and environmentally sound.  Select puppies from our Hop River Shepherds litters undergo rigorous training from birth through adulthood in order to create superior protection dogs and police dogs. Hop River Shepherds also provides a variety of tailored training options for your family pet including individual lessons, group lessons and board and train opportunities. Our facility houses training areas for French Ring, agility, tracking fields, police training areas, and a seasonal pool for dock jumping and training dogs to swim.​​

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